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West Green Farm Orchard & Dairy
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​- Food For your Health -

Many people tell me they want healthy food; the superstores make their products look good with lighting and product placement.

So what's the problem?

It's bland, it's waxed, it's shipped from who knows where. You want the best for your family.

At West Green Farm Orchard & Dairy we believe you need better, nutrient dense foods grown locally. 


An apple a day really is good for your health. Nutrient dense foods are good for your diet. They boost immunity, they're good for your heart and they help with your energy. They reduce inflammation and help control blood pressure.

We believe that bringing these foods into your diet, you will improve your health. We believe it because we hear it from our customers and because we have healed too, by changing our diets.

That's why we do what we do. Our land is rich with deep dark topsoil, perfect for our fruit & vegetables. It's also excellent for the high quality grass pastures our dairy cows graze on and it provides the highest level of nutrition you can find.

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Steve Preli
Get your free checklist: Five Healthy Reasons to Drink Raw Milk
Get your Free Checklist: Five Healthy Reasons to Drink Raw Milk